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The Danang Sculpture Foundation, a non – profit and non – governmental organization, operates for the development of culture and sculpture, founded by the Danang Union of Literature and Arts Associations and the Danang Fine Arts Association.


1. Develop sculpture in Danang, contribute into the development of sculpture in Vietnam.
2. Develop domestic and international cultural exchange for sculpturing.
3. Participate in social and humanitarian assistance.
4. Donate, sponsor, commend and reward activities of creation, study and development of sculpture.


1. Train stone carvers in modern stone-carving techniques, and concurrently expose them to international practices by working alongside professional sculptors and artists.
2. Provide scholarships for the poorest and most marginalized young people with an interest in pursuing a career in carving.
3. Organise composing activities, sculpture symposiums, dialogues, meetings and workshops on sculpturing and art.
4. Develop activities that promote cultural and technical exchange in sculpture both within Vietnam and internationally.
5. Participating in social and charitable assistance.